Samsung Galaxy Star Pro DUOS S7262 Unlocked GSM Android 4.1 Smartphone

This is a real BASIC call masked as a wise call. Yes, it has 2 SIM slots just that's almost where the advantages break off.
I bought this call for my mammy WHO was visiting from Republic of India. Her independent uses were phone, television camera to learn pictures during her break of the day walks, and casual checking of her gmail.

The call is very slow down. I've had a Samsung S4 with JellyBean ahead just this unrivaled is soooo practically slower that it is thwarting to manipulation this call.
The television camera is dreadful. I retrieve the genus Lens is so "slow" that in whatsoever office former than shiny sun it is a pain in the ass to learn a characterisation. I matte up foiled and my mammy was illogical owed to the want of reactivity.

On that point is no GPS in this interlingual rendition of the call. No flashgun. Check out KO'd S7562 for a meliorate selection. My dad, WHO is likewise visiting from Republic of India has the duos GT-S7562 which seems to be practically faster, has performance flash, GPS.
I was looking at for a budget smartphone when I came crossways this modeling. It is compact, easy-study screen, and much everything that unrivaled would wishing in a budget smartphone. The helplessness is that it has no nominal head camera, the bet on television camera is on 2MPixels, and that on that point is no 3G. However, I was non looking at for whatsoever of these features and theefoe I am passably slaked with this modeling.

The Wireless fidelity whole caboodle substantially and that is totally what I required at family. It is also modest for me, anyway, for 3G manipulation so I am non frustrated.

The bombardment lasts almost 12 to 14 hours for rule use, just practically to a lesser extent if you manipulation Wireless fidelity.

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